How Sexual Assault Allegations Turned into a Keurig Boycott and an Alleged Wonder Woman Standoff...

  • Published on: 14 ноя 2017
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    Sooooo, we MIGHT have started a FIRE…:
    The DEFRANCOFAM is Back!:
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    Detroit Style Pizza:
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    Roy Moore Accusations, Sean Hannity, and Pulled Sponsors:

    Sean Hannity Radio Show 11/ 9:
    Roy Moore - Sean Hannity Interview 11/10:
    Gal Gadot Won’t Work Brett Ratner:
    Puerto Rico Power and Whitefish Energy Contract:
    SNAPCHAT: TheDeFrancoFam
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  months ago +3447

    Watch this video. Share this video.

    THEN, definitely go give some love to Editor James before he murders me.

    • P 7
      P 7 21 день назад

      Mei Notchu do you know anything about the place?

    • jklahsd32 laksd13
      jklahsd32 laksd13 22 days ago

      Still the question is why can't we consent to sex when below the age and we are ready for it.
      Like i remember being in elementary, legally not allowed to have sex with each other.,....

    • P 7
      P 7 24 days ago

      Philip DeFranco I don't care who it is, was a fan of Al franken and Louie c.K. these accusations came as a shock and initially I was a little skeptical. That being said I don't care who it is whether I love or hate them this is disgusting and they should be vehemently punished. I understand some of these allegations can be false money grabs or used to destroy someone's reputation, however that is no excuse to not investigate and act accordingly, prosecute the offender or the accuser if allegations are false. Why is this a Fucking debate? So tired of this dumb Shit just nuke this whole damn thing already. Lol... Not Jk.

    • Senduran Pack
      Senduran Pack 26 days ago

      Nice shirt

    • JDGamingPR
      JDGamingPR 28 days ago

      Philip DeFranco Dude, thank you for covering the whitefish/Puerto Rico messy contract problem. I tried to understand it and explain it in my channel but I just COULDN'T. I will share the link of this video in my next update video for a better explanation. Heck of a job, dude. Thanks so much. Btw, I'm from PR. ✌😁 #PRSeLevanta

  • bru numzy
    bru numzy 2 days ago

    since you have done a few of these sexual assault video i have a question you do believe in due process ??? or is it guilty till proven innocent ??

  • Zutto Aragi
    Zutto Aragi 6 days ago

    I have the exact same reaction to all of the people accused this shit. That being "If they did it, chop it off and throw them in a lion den, but don't do ANYTHING to them until it's proven. If they are proven innocent, leave them the fuck alone."

  • Dante Smith A.K.A. ESparda:

    The fuck is going on in this world???

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B 15 days ago

    Keurig makes a sizeable portion of their money from the k-cups, not just from the machine itself. Granted, I still think destroying something you purchased is stupid. Should just buy from Black Rifle Coffee or something. (Regardless of how you feel about the Keurig company or the story behind the whole destroying your machine thing: Black Rifle is a GREAT company to back, with truly fantastic coffee!)

  • Josh DeRoche
    Josh DeRoche 16 days ago

    Media Matters is a communist group that pressures conservatives holding them hostage for their reputation

  • Josh DeRoche
    Josh DeRoche 16 days ago

    Why does Sean's voices sound so different on radio

  • Glasses&Mouthplates
    Glasses&Mouthplates 17 days ago

    Umm, I don't think you're effectively boycotting a company if you destroy their product which you already purchased and PAID to them.

  • ellie
    ellie 18 days ago

    6:28 he used the wrong form of “your” smh

  • Pie Cat
    Pie Cat 18 days ago

    6:28 _You’re_

  • Lomax
    Lomax 19 days ago

    Well done left wing media, you've just forged a suit of armor for Sean Hannity. Good luck firing a straight arrow through the turbulence of your lies.

  • Miss Moxie
    Miss Moxie 20 days ago

    Destroying a coffee maker you already own doesn’t affect the company
    Also Cadillac pulled their ads, as did Volvo, 23 and Me, and
    I don’t see them destroying their Volvos or Cadillacs

  • Miss Moxie
    Miss Moxie 20 days ago

    It’s good to know the people denouncing Moore have a conscience

  • Porter Chidester
    Porter Chidester 20 days ago

    I'm not going to claim that whitefish isn't shady, but it's important you know, electricians are hard to come by. I can make 90 Dollars an hour working for my employer. And I have charged WAY more than that to show up for an emergency. So sure as shit it's going to cost you at LEAST 150 an hour to get me to show up to a disaster area and work my ass off in subprime conditions. And that 150 doesn't include insurance, food, travel, contributions to my retirement acct. etc.

  • christian devey
    christian devey 21 день назад

    with politics it is often becomes my team vs your team even in cases of sexual assault

  • DefendUSA1776
    DefendUSA1776 21 день назад +1

    Never trust a liberal

  • dlwatib
    dlwatib 22 days ago

    Nobody should be buying Keurig coffee.
    The story I read about Whitefish is that it was a legitimate decision by PREPA. They knew they were going to need help after the hurricane, and Whitefish was the only company bidding on the project that didn't want an upfront down payment. This was important to them because, like the Puerto Rican government itself, they are bankrupt. The costs Whitefish was quoting were in line with other bidders.
    Now, maybe PREPA was so inept that they didn't know that all their bidders were overpricing, and maybe they were so inept that they didn't know that the usual practice is to set up mutual aid agreements, but we're dealing with a bankrupt utility in a bankrupt territory. Surely ineptitude is the order of the day in Puerto Rico.
    It should also be noted that Puerto Rico's power grid was already highly problematic and unreliable even before the hurricane hit. Again, ineptitude is the order of the day in Puerto Rico. It should not be any surprise that restoring power was going to be a major undertaking since not only storm damage has to be repaired, but deferred maintenance and upgrades also have to be done. Whitefish is to be commended for committing ahead of time to walk into a mess of unknown proportions and begin immediately to set things to right. It seems to me that their price premiums are largely justified.

  • Sabbatarian Muslim
    Sabbatarian Muslim 23 days ago

    It was clear to me that his comment was in regard to the 17yo and 18yo.

  • Linda Blais
    Linda Blais 23 days ago

    Hmm let's see he was 2I when he met his wife she was 16 at a dance recital she was 21 when they married PLEASE

  • Andrew Vertigan
    Andrew Vertigan 23 days ago

    24mins... you're expecting me to care for more than 12?

  • gjaddajg
    gjaddajg 24 days ago

    Innocent until proven guilty.
    Feminism: hold my beer

  • Jonasftw
    Jonasftw 24 days ago

    Is this new "sexual harassment" hype part of God's plan not to have humans overpopulate the planet? I can't count the times I've had coworkers/bosses grope me, kiss me, or have them utter inappropriate remarks... WHO CARES? Grow a spine and say NO THANKS. Not encouraging these advances, ofc, but SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU SENSITIVE IDIOTS. "Idiots," also known as "victims." Sigh.

  • Eileen the Crow
    Eileen the Crow 24 days ago +1

    An allegation is not evidence. Its disgusting that people are pressured by the crazies to change "if true" to just flat out assumption. I hate Chuck Schumer but there was nothing wrong with his first statement.

    • Eileen the Crow
      Eileen the Crow 24 days ago

      On all sides though, when these things are proven true, fuck them they should be destroyed in public opinion and to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Tails Clock
    Tails Clock 25 days ago

    Do these advertisers actually realise that by pulling these people from their things and whatnot, they're making it very clear that they believe the person is guilty. And these companies have a LOT of power and sway, to the point that them cutting toes with someone could be seen by the public as proof of guilt. And this is all happening to people (Well more like one single person at this point who isn't obviously guilty) who have only been alleged to have done anything wrong. I really think there needs to be rules in place to protect someone from being punished by companies before the verdict is given. We can't allow "Guilty until proven innocent" to be re-adopted. We've moved on from that.

  • Jake Poundtown
    Jake Poundtown 25 days ago

    If you listen to the conversation rather than read the transcript there is literally no other interpretation than he was talking about the 17/18 yr old

  • Crystal Anderson
    Crystal Anderson 25 days ago


  • Nassie54
    Nassie54 25 days ago

    Does gal gadot also stand with the women of palestine ? or are those ok to wipe out.

    • Jewlicious
      Jewlicious 24 days ago

      Nassie54 Nobody is wiping out the women of Palestine.

  • prodrumer33
    prodrumer33 25 days ago

    There is a physiological bias that makes people react differently when people with different views from themselves. Its called the in group out group bias. Read about it if your curious.

  • neonswimmergirl
    neonswimmergirl 26 days ago

    Ugh! Quit having amazing sponsors i cant use!

  • Dru Miller
    Dru Miller 26 days ago

    I know it didn't matter but, ROY MOORE was never a DA. He was any ADA assistant district atty.

  • Senduran Pack
    Senduran Pack 26 days ago

    Poor Collin Rugg , he got roasted

  • Senduran Pack
    Senduran Pack 26 days ago

    Nice shirt 👚

  • Spidey Queue
    Spidey Queue 26 days ago

    Get to the real news Phil. Enough of this fucking non-sense

  • Ethyn Mershon
    Ethyn Mershon 26 days ago

    Thats the most bullshit arguments, of course it never came up. How the fuck is that poor girl gonna go to the police if the dude if groped her was in charge of the police

  • JackylandBear
    JackylandBear 27 days ago

    As a former ground hand, and apprentice line man, I tell you those prices are way off. Try about $40hr for a lineman, maybe $100hr for a supervisor, $12hr for a ground hand. That's if they are actually paying by federal regulations. That doesn't happen often. Usually it's paid by the foot. The price is usually like 9 cents on the foot. That's if you're grounding the poles, and putting in steel cable, and wires. You might get a bonus of about $100 as hazard pay for the high voltage. That depends on the company that is being sub contracted to the contractor. Paying room, and board is definitely on you as well. The actual crews will cover, and say the federally regulated price, when being safety checked by state officials. This is encouraged behavior. Most crews also have to handle the repairs on their trucks themselves for jobs like this. I remember having to do a mad dash to find a high pressure hydraulic line for the boom on our truck, which we had to cover.

  • kalackninja
    kalackninja 27 days ago

    unless they bought it recently they are still making a good statment, the machine isn't the money maker its the machine specif coffee that is.

  • Steven Enno
    Steven Enno 27 days ago

    Stop making accusations 10-20-45 years later! Jesus Christ

  • Tehemai L.
    Tehemai L. 28 days ago

    MediaMatters is so scummy. Can't believe anybody would support or believe anything from that horrible group after seeing this.

  • WolfCarnage
    WolfCarnage 28 days ago +1


  • alex greene
    alex greene 28 days ago

    How can someone remember 40 YEARS AGO

  • TheAlrightGatsby
    TheAlrightGatsby 28 days ago +1

    I'm not a big fan of Sean Hannity, or Fox, but this "consensual" comment was clearly about the 18 and 17 year old. He started the next sentence, "This 14 year old..." and then the other person says "And consensual," referring to the 18 and 17 year old Hannity mentioned, and then Hannity repeats that sentence in agreement, finishing a thought on the last sentence, not the one he was starting. Unless I'm missing something

  • Phil Email
    Phil Email 28 days ago +1

    What about Quebec style pizza?

  • Dahlia Walton
    Dahlia Walton 28 days ago

    this is just 25 minutes of terrible news... :(

  • Tyler Tomsen
    Tyler Tomsen 29 days ago

    The pods make Keurig way more money than the Keurig brewer, so them destroying the brewer does equal a loss for Keurig.

  • Jay
    Jay 29 days ago

    All you talk about is sexual assault laterly.... is there nothing else going on ?!

  • slosh11111420
    slosh11111420 29 days ago

    It immediately puts money in the pockets of their competition when they buy a new one.

  • Almelijy housam
    Almelijy housam 29 days ago

    i am so triggered by REPTARDS destroying their shit
    i think u should destroy everything u have this way i will be triggered even more

  • Robert Armstrong
    Robert Armstrong 29 days ago

    I'm french Canadian so no skin in the game or American politics, but all these allegations against a politician a few weeks before an election seems suspicious and then find out that the then Juge Moore handle the divorce case of the accuser in 1999 (14 year old) and she never had a problem with that at the time and as far as the 17 or 18 year old just 2 words... Jerry Seinfeld! (I agree it's a little creepy but certainly not illegal and certainly not as creepy as Joe Biden constantly putting his hands on all the women he meets including children) Anyway Phillip hello from Montreal!

  • Lam ise
    Lam ise 29 days ago

    Trumptards are so stupid lol

  • Dj K-Oz
    Dj K-Oz 29 days ago +1

    I have to disagree with media matters calling for ads to boycott Hannity (again not a fan) forever the interview seemed to be asking the right questions & I didn't hear Hannity defend sexually assaulting a 14 year old.

  • Dj K-Oz
    Dj K-Oz 29 days ago +1

    Not to defend Hannity bc I hate him but I clearly knew he meant the 18 & 17 year olds was consensual.

    • Almelijy housam
      Almelijy housam 29 days ago

      but they didn't want it
      plus he was 32 like wtf

    • Dj K-Oz
      Dj K-Oz 29 days ago

      Almelijy housam in most states in America 16 is the legal age of consent

    • Almelijy housam
      Almelijy housam 29 days ago

      djkoz7 18 17 interesting

  • KA Suverkrubbe
    KA Suverkrubbe 29 days ago +1

    Yeah they are misrepresenting what Hannity said and making the liberal media look even more like clowns , and it embarasses me as someone who is on the left. These tactics are not helpful. It was obvious to me he was talking about the 17/18 year olds.

  • hcnuup
    hcnuup 29 days ago

    12:15 sudden demon possession

  • Jonathan Handel
    Jonathan Handel 29 days ago

    Phil knows all about doing stuff with his own shit! Such as putting it in his mouth and spewing it all over his liberal fan base

  • steve9893
    steve9893 29 days ago

    This show was way too long. 24 minutes and a lot of it about twitter nonsense.

  • Boss Hog
    Boss Hog 29 days ago +1

    Am accusation is just an accusation, we have to let the courts decide! Mob justice is leaving people guilty until proven innocent.

  • Uncle Gamer
    Uncle Gamer 29 days ago +1

    Philip, I think you have hit on the heart of the topic. People are being assumed guilty before any proof comes forward. The accusation seems to be enough and if you say people should wait before rushing to judgement they get attacked.

  • MsPowersurge
    MsPowersurge 29 days ago

    I personally think that the light company and Rosselló were trying to go 50/50 on the profit of upcharging the per hour rates of line men. It’s not unheard of. Why ese would he say it contained an “oops” and agree to not having the agreement reviewed by others.

  • Ral Garog
    Ral Garog 29 days ago +1

    Maybe it's my autism but he said the relationship between the 17 and 18 year old was consensual. What happened here was the Lady he was with interjected with the fact that the previous two was consensual while he was in the middle of another thought.
    Its like the world is going insane.
    WRT to the kurig: Its the principal of the matter. Its a badge of honor. Its, "I hate you and everything you stand for so much, that i'd rather burn $200.00 than have your shit product in my house." It's a statement and act of conviction. As a result, there are many people, myself included, that find stuff like throwing out an expensive device to be funny and cathartic.

  • karasawa21797
    karasawa21797 29 days ago

    If I showed you a picture of a 14 year old, but told you she was 18 and asked you if you thought she was attractive, and you said yes, does that make you a monster? I bet he didn't even know she was 14 at the time. It's not easy to tell, especially once you get into your late 20s early 30s - everyone looks very young now and people aged 14 up to about 20 look the same to me.

  • qualey
    qualey 29 days ago

    Good lord Sean Hannity acted like a fucking child in his responses.

  • a7i
    a7i months ago

    hello philip defranco

  • madkatt333
    madkatt333 months ago +1

    Innocent til proven guilty.

  • Zenkai76
    Zenkai76 months ago

    Smashing the Keureg makes sense, you still fund the company buying pods, if you sell your keureg it just means someone else will be buying the pods.

  • Djuntas
    Djuntas months ago

    haha, 15 min's into video and add comes...Your editor is pissed!

  • Zed Fifth
    Zed Fifth months ago

    Keurig NEEDED this...... Keurig is actually in trouble because everybody already owns a Keurig & the Coffee maker is not selling new Keurigs. So every Keurig destroyed helps Keurig.

  • Strigidae Strigiformes

    Moore sexual assault BS? Damnit!!! *laughing* It is cringy though how some people choose to defend this dude. CRINGY!!! Major CRINGY too how that hannity fwuack tried to "lead" that roy moore 5hit to vindicate himself (different source of media), but the more he tried to do so... the moore that fwuacker dug himself in a ditch.

  • Leslie Seidel
    Leslie Seidel months ago

    Thank you for talking about these important issues. Why does it take one man to accuse Kevin Spacey and everyone believes yet it takes multiple women in each of these cases and still we talk about false allegations

    • Leslie Seidel
      Leslie Seidel 26 days ago

      Of course, the big issue is that hundreds of thousands of victims aren’t being heard and the stats say that only about 3% are false accusations and yet that is all you hear about

    • ScrewFearMe
      ScrewFearMe 26 days ago +1

      because false allegations are wrong, pure and simple
      innocent people should NEVER be in prison considering what could happen if we had it the other way around, guilty until proven innocent... think of how many years you would have to spend time in jail being accused of rape when never having done it

  • Island_Kermode
    Island_Kermode months ago

    A religious nut tries to justify pedophilia... go figure

  • piratecheese13
    piratecheese13 months ago

    postemates not available in my area

  • Lance Armstrong
    Lance Armstrong months ago

    It's only a matter of time before they come for Dan "Hold her tighter she's a fighter" Schneider. He's had a good run, but idk man, everyone's getting dropped; I can't see him getting too much farther.

  • liz du
    liz du months ago

    I have ligit questions so don't yell at me.
    1. If the allegations are true about the 14, 17, and 18 yr olds are true why do the 17 and 18 yr olds count? It's disgusting that he would go after people so much younger but 17 and 18 are consenting adults that didn't go further then kissing. I'd focus more on the 14 yr old.
    2. Why is it ok, or enough, to go after that directors job and boycott the movie? Shouldn't be be in jail? Why is the company that had no control over him be held responsible. This goes for every idiot doing idiot things. It's not the company fault. They should be tried in court. Can someone please explain?

  • charlespk2008
    charlespk2008 months ago

    wow so many blatant lies, i am so happy you are keeping them honest.

  • Mimzy Smiles
    Mimzy Smiles months ago

    Ok so when someone of X group had someone else of X group being accused of something a big reason that they're more likely to say "innocent until proven guilty" and "give them time to investigate" is because it's really hard for us as humans to admit that "someone who is a lot like me did something really awful." It makes you question yourself and your own identity and that's uncomfortable, so it's easier for the human psyche to just pretend it didn't happen.

  • 619Shippo
    619Shippo months ago

    It's pronounced "Ga-dough".
    I hate you Philly Doofus.

  • Cat Chronicles
    Cat Chronicles months ago +1

    Isn't electing someone the "court of public opinion" by its very nature?

  • Nebadon Adams
    Nebadon Adams months ago

    Conservatives and Liberals are burning their house down and selling each other gasoline to put it out. Best to let these ones fight it out, y'all. Stick with your principals, but ignore organizations like the DNC and RNC.

  • SquishBangBlow
    SquishBangBlow months ago

    Perhaps Keurig's business model is based on people buying their coffee flavored water. If they were to pass the machine on to others, that would encourage others to buy Keurig's coffee flavored liquid. By destroying the machine, they can rest assured that others will not be encouraged to purchase Keurig's cartridges designed to add coffee flavor to liquid.

  • Ruthless Productions

    Dont k ow if its just me.. but i checked every day.. amd youtube didnt show any new videos from you all week.. then today my phone blew up with all the videos you put out this week.. smh.. wtf

  • voidremoved
    voidremoved months ago

    soros donated one time. 18 billion...

  • Summerland
    Summerland months ago

    This is my public comment. Hannity is a tool.

  • Obama Phone
    Obama Phone months ago +1

    When ever Romney, McCain and McConnell all agree on something, it should raise eyebrows. They're trying to push this guy out of the raise without any evidence, trial or definitive proof. Sounds like a coup.

  • CRiSO
    CRiSO months ago

    Nice pun Phil, " That's where i land on it", get it...? Puerto Rico is an island...ok bye

  • Akorn Oaks
    Akorn Oaks months ago

    Damn, look at your 24 minute news show.

  • Fatorias The Obese Walker

    If you get sexually assaulted or harassed, report it then and there, don’t report it decades later when it becomes a trend. Also if you report it 30 years later it is impossible to prove.

    • Not Serious
      Not Serious months ago

      Fatorias The Obese walker easier said than done

  • borot man
    borot man months ago

    ... Is Soros paying you guys anything? I feel like my activities to the cause are horribly unrewarded. When is Soros gonna give me my money!?

  • Justin Hudson
    Justin Hudson months ago

    Government contracts are usually always subcontracted by companies that use the contracting laws to their advantage to win higher bids then the "lowest bidder".

  • Roland Jimenez
    Roland Jimenez months ago

    Tbh fuck postmates

  • m best
    m best months ago

    I hate trump but we live in an era of fake news

  • imbtyler
    imbtyler months ago

    24min video. 15 mins before Today in Awesome. Thanks Phil. Also, I'm waiting for Postmates in Bloomington, IN.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy months ago

    Plot twist: Kuerig started the "destroy your coffee maker challenge" half of those people will just buy another one in a year anyway

  • Bluepuertorican5
    Bluepuertorican5 months ago

    Once again Phil, thank you so much for reporting on the situation in Puerto Rico.

  • Quentin Styger
    Quentin Styger months ago +1

    If innocent until proven guilty doesn't belong in politics then anyone can be dropped from the electorial card because someone lied? I didn't get that he was trying to say the 14 year old was consensual. If he did have relations with 16 year old girls, he can always run for politics in Canada. 14 year old? He can do politics in Vietnam. I would like to see an investigation into the PREPA/WhiteFish scamdal (yes scam and scandal).

  • Danny boy wood
    Danny boy wood months ago

    Thanks for plugging postmates, they are not even around my area, good job. Ass.

  • TheLittlebird956
    TheLittlebird956 months ago

    Why is a 14 year old girl with this grown man?! Where were the parents?!

  • Kwakara
    Kwakara months ago

    "I don't know how we can tell if it's true or not?"
    -Have you tried investigating the claims? I mean, interviewing Roy Moore won't get the truth out, only his side of the story, and of course he's going to deny the claims whether or not he's guilty of them. It's a charade.

    • ScrewFearMe
      ScrewFearMe 26 days ago

      how do you investigate claims where the "incidents" happend nearly 40 years ago?

    • Kwakara
      Kwakara months ago

      Talking to Hannity, not Phil, here.

  • Mark B
    Mark B months ago

    Doesn't destroying a Keurig mean they sell fewer pods meaning lower profits? wasn't that the point?

  • Kable tha Kiid
    Kable tha Kiid months ago +1

    Yeah but what if she's LYING tho??

  • EricTheBoringOne
    EricTheBoringOne months ago +1

    Roy Moore: These accusation are untrue and are an attack to stop my successful campaign.
    New Accuser: Roy Moore tried to diddle me when I was 16. Oh and btw me and my husband support God Lord Trump and we are the standard of conservative so there’s now way this is a false statement that’s part of a political assassination attempt.

  • Helen Betty Ann
    Helen Betty Ann months ago

    Good for Gal if that's true